Tefal are creating a snacking sensation with the latest addition to their Actifry range. This handy update to their classic low fat cooking collection allows you to create a range of healthy snacks completely effortlessly.

And although we all now know how easily (and deliciously!) the Actifry cooks chips, chicken and other kitchen favourites, there’s a whole host of things you may not know that it can also rustle up just as easily.

Guilt-free and gloriously good, this collection of recipes means you no longer have to rely on carrot sticks and crackers when you fancy a healthy snack.

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We made an epic concoction of carrot, strawberries, grape, ginger, celery and cucumber – it was SO delish! The Tefal Infinity Press works SO well and it’s super quiet (ie: husband could totally make me a fresh morning juice while I’m sleeping – just sayin’). Unlike a lot of other juicers, this Infinity Press doesn’t take up a huge amount of space – which is SUCH a bonus for the (generally small) London Kitchens. We have already found a permament home for ours on our kitchen counter!

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The web site provides some top health & fitness tips associated with juicing.

Juice cleanses have also become very popular and are typically recommended for people who need a bit of a kick-start when their diet or lifestyle has left them feeling sluggish and unhealthy.

By increasing fibre intake and reducing the consumption of unhealthy trans fats, sodium, and pro-inflammatory animal-derived foods, a healthy juice diet is often a great way to revitalise and reenergise the body and give the liver, kidneys and skin a chance to detoxify and expel toxins that have accumulated.

Really, juicing is one thing that’s easy to fall in love with! Here are a few of our favourite reasons why summed up!

1. Max out on healthy fresh vitamins and antioxidants!
2. Less Sniffles, more Vitality!
3. It’s Super Delicious!
4. Minimal Effort
5. It’s Fun


Fresh juices are enjoying huge popularity in the UK, with the vast majority of households drinking them on a weekly basis1. Research shows high fruit content in juice is one of the key features that appeals to consumers2, and squeezing your juice at home is a great way to pack in as much fruit flavour as possible. What’s more, vitamins are maintained at maximum strength for the first 15 minutes after juicing3, so making it in your home for immediate consumption is the healthiest option too.

Here is what people are saying about Juicing & the new Tefal Infiny Press.


The influential lifestyle magazine Menswear Style has just published a review of Juicing, health & fitness, the review states that the Tefal Infiny Press Revolution Juicer is well designed, easy to clean and makes healthy and tasty juices. The feature goes onto to say that Juicing at home does require a pretty heavy duty juicer as a regular food processor cannot normally handle the fibre content of raw vegetables and fruits. “For this feature we used the new Tefal Infiny Press Revolution Juicer which worked a treat”.



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